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Express package

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

The express package is the irreplaceable assistant for those who often use transfer of important documents, money, small parcels.

The essence of a package is that contents of a package are protected not only from public eyes and external factors, but also from unauthorized access.

The express package is intended:

1.   for use in express and mail services;

2.   sendings confidential information;

3.   in medicine and examination;

4.   in online stores;

5.   for storage of various documentation.

Visually is a white package outside and black inside, for prevention of visual access to package contents, has the glued valve for closing which needs to be stuck at a temperature not lower than +8 degrees. If to open it, then again it is impossible to close already, opening of a package is carried out only by means of scissors.

For production of an express package, We use high-strength three-layer polyethylene from 60 to 70 microns thick.

Our express packages very reliable, they are equipped with multilevel system of protection:

1.   Have special marking which becomes visible only under the influence of ultraviolet;

2.   The special adhesive tape guarantees tightness;

3.   When opening a package the adhesive tape leaves the corresponding inscription, - it is possible to open it only once;

4.   In attempt to influence tapes high temperatures special lines gain red color.

We make express packages individually under each client, on him can be:

1.   Your logo,

2.   The serial number (consisting of 7 figures),

3.   Bar code,

4.   Warning signs,

5.   Rules of use,

6.   There can be a microfont on seams,

7.   The field for additional information,

8.   The choice of the sizes and color scale for you! 


The express package of a logo is an excellent opportunity to increase recognition of your brand and to gain additional loyalty from your consumers, you will emphasize with this the status.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Material:Полиэтилен LDPE
Information is up-to-date: 16.02.2018

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